Medieval Combat

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Photo by DCT Media / Kim Cessford

Root for your favourite warrior as we display combat techniques in our arena.
We demonstrate the effectiveness of various types of weaponry against armoured and unarmoured opponents.

Children's Army

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If your children have always dreamed of becoming a knight, why not sign them up to the Children's Army! Each are given a foam "sword" and taken onto the field of combat to face our fearsome knights!
Please note there is a height limit on this event.

Have-a-go Archery

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Ever wondered what it was like to let loose all your arrows into a target? Why not find out at our Have-a-go Archery! This is always a very popular event.

Living History

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Discover our Medieval encampment and find out about life in times gone by. From musical instruments, weapons, armour, herbs & medicine, archery and even spot the thief in our pillory!
Ask us questions, try on armour you might also hear our Wise Woman end the days events with a story!

Medieval Music

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Meet our bards, who can talk about and demonstrate musical instruments of the day.

Fortune Telling

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If you wish to find what the future may hold for you then a visit to our fortune teller is a must.
All proceeds are donated to charity.